Privacy Policy

This privacy policy inform about the how Geek E-Store uses and conserve the informaation provided or ssubmitted byan individual or user while using GEEK E- STORE’s website.

At Geek E-store, We respect individuality, and privacy of our clients and end-users.Thats why we strive hard to ensure that every piece of information that Geek E-Store collects from end users to identify them in our system is encrypted and protect to best of our knowledge and level of expertise.

At Geek E-Store, we are compliant to a certain set of instruction mentioneed belowto ensure safety of submitted inforrmation by user and vistor att website.

Information that We Collect :



Tel Number:

E-mail address:

Credit / Debit card details:

Why we Save these information :

-To create a record for a potential consumer.

-To identify existing Consumer in the system.

-To identify the services and needs of tthe consumer time-to-time.

-To track renewal of produacts and services rendered to the consumer.

-To enhance the quality of the services depending upon consumeer input.

-To promote new offers, services via phone, email and fax.

-To enhance UI/UX of the website depending upon consumer input.

Security :

We ensure the security of the information received by preventing unathorized accessof any information or disclosure by emphasizing on using latest security hardwares and softwares under survillance of cerified experts.

Use of Information :

We do not sell our data or information to any third party company for marketing purpose.We may use your information to self marketing or promotion.We may share your details to the publisher of the software (purchased by consumer from Geek-E-Store) to track validity and service tanure.

If in case you think or find out any information tthat wee hold on you may be incorrect,You can write us at:

Email :


Geek E-Store is an independent Online Software selling website. All the pictures and logos are for representation purposes only. However we do have partnership with some brands mentioned in the partners section.